Welcome to Mambu Ecosystem

A central hub for documentation and discussion about products that extend Mambu's Core Banking Engine

Mambu brings together technology vendors that can enable financial institutions to build out their composable architecture, with its core being the Mambu SaaS banking platform.

Connectors are pre-built processes for the Mambu Process Orchestrator that allow you to easily extend core Mambu functionality with third-party services such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), international transfers, and much more.

Find out more about how using connectors can help you support your business by clicking connector documentation in the top right of the page, or here.

About Connectors

A Mambu Connector is an “Integration as a Product”. Read this page first to find out more about what that could mean for accelerating your business.

Account Origination

These connectors assist you in onboarding new customers, providing access to tools like ID verification, KYC checks, and AML regulatory compliance.

Downstream Data

Downstream data connectors are for extracting and loading data into your existing tools whether they are general ledgers, data analytics, and business intelligence platforms or regulatory reporting solutions.

Payment Processing

This type of connector will help connect Mambu Core Banking to partners offering real-time payment processing and transaction monitoring for national and international transfers.

Loan Origination

Connectors for loan origination will loop in to the entire loan lifecycle and provide tools for managing applications, credit decisioning and responding rapidly when loans go into arrears.

Card Issuing and Processing

Card Issuing and Processing connectors help connect the Mambu core to Card Issuers offering card issuing and processing capabilities for major schemes globally.