Mambu Connectors

Connectors are a part of Mambu’s composable architecture: a modular software design methodology using small, self-contained, and easily-interchangeable building blocks. In this architecture, Mambu Process Orchestrator (MPO) functions as an orchestration layer directing all interactions between architecture components and provides flexible and seamless integration with third-party services. Pre-built integrations with these services are called Connectors.

Using our pre-built connectors can dramatically reduce the time to market, especially during the initial implementation phase. There is no need to vet partners, build complex integrations on top of APIs, or worry about hosting.

What is a Mambu connector?

Technology vendors interface their products and services with the Mambu core banking engine in order to expand our composable banking ecosystem. These productized integration layers between Mambu and technology vendors - or connectors, for short - allow you to expand Mambu’s functionality in the following ways:

Account Origination

These connectors assist you in onboarding new clients, providing access to tools like ID verification, Know Your Client checks, and Anti-Money Laundering regulatory compliance.

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Card Issuing and Processing

Card issuing and processing connectors help connect the Mambu core to card issuers offering card issuing and processing capabilities for major schemes globally.

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Data Extraction

Data extraction connectors allow you to move data from Mambu into data warehouses or lakes. You can transform data into formats or structures suitable for the destination.

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Loan Origination

Connectors for loan origination loop in to the entire loan lifecycle and provide tools for managing applications, credit decisioning, and responding rapidly when loans go into arrears.

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Payment Processing

This type of connector will help connect Mambu Core Banking to partners offering real-time payment processing and transaction monitoring for national and international transfers.

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