MPO subscription

  1. The ClearBank connector (Mambu - ClearBank) runs on MPO. In order to use it, you will need an active MPO subscription.
  2. The MPO environment must have a sync-api instance.

Connector files

A GitLab repository containing the connector files in a .zip archive will be made available to you. You should import this file into MPO before starting the integration as you will need some values such as process IDs and webhook URLs during various stages of the set up.

Mambu environment

Mambu environment with a user created to trigger MPO processes and assigned all necessary permissions, either directly or a pre-defined role.

ClearBank environment

  1. ClearBank environment with two users. One user must have Approval permissions.
  2. Operating Account should be Enabled and have sufficient funds to disburse the loan amount.

ZenDesk (optional)

If you are using ZenDesk rather than Mambu tasks as your ticketing solution, you will need a ZenDesk account and credentials, including an API token.