MPO subscription

The ClearBank Retail Banking connector runs on Mambu Process Orchestrator (MPO). To use it you need an active MPO subscription. Addtionally, the MPO environment must have a Sync API instance.

Mambu environment

You need a Mambu environment with a user created for MPO process execution. This user needs to be granted the necessary permissions or be assigned a role with the necessary permissions.

If you use an External Account Representation (EAR) for the IBAN linkage then the Payments capability must be enabled. Additionally, you must create an API key from an API Consumer that has appropriate permissions to access the Payments capability.

AWS account

You will need an account with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host the authentication credentials in secure storage and to run the code to generate cryptographic signatures for system-to-system communication.

ClearBank environment

A ClearBank environment with two users. One of whom needs to be granted Approval permissions. The Client Money Account and the Bacs Suspense Account should be Enabled and Active.

ZenDesk account

If you want to have tickets created using ZenDesk when transactions are processed via the connector, you will need a ZenDesk for Service account.