Integration Setup

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To set up the connector you will need to carry out the integration steps in the following pages, generally they can be done one after the other, although it is recommend that you have at least created all necessary accounts as you may need to use account credentials when creating webhooks for system to system communication.

  • MPO Setup
  • This step comprises importing the connector processes into the Mambu Process Orchestrator and carrying out initial configuration steps including creating webhook URLs which will be used in later steps.

  • Mambu Setup
  • This stage of the integration involves creating Transaction Channels, Custom Fields, General Ledger Accounts and automated webhooks in Mambu.

  • AWS Setup
  • AWS Lambda functions are used to generate cryptographic digital signatures so that all system to system communication between Mambu and ClearBank is secure.

  • ClearBank Setup
  • The ClearBank part of the integration involves setting up a series of webhooks that will trigger processes in MPO based on the type of transaction and the scheme being used.

  • ZenDesk Setup
  • This is an optional step that is only required if you are using ZenDesk as a ticket management system. You will need to follow the instructions here to gather authentication credentials and IDs for the connector to use when communicating with ZenDesk.