Update AML lists

Before v2.0.0, the ComplyAdvantage AML lists for sanctions, pep, and adverse media were stored in Mambu custom fields as shortened 2048-character text fields. Starting with the v2.0.0 release, we introduced two new lists - warning and fitness - and changed their format to the selection type - with boolean values. In this way changes regarding AML lists are easier to track.

Process for populating Boolean custom fields for clients and groups

The Script for populating boolean CF (CLIENTS) and Script for populating boolean CF (GROUPS) Mambu Process Orchestrator (MPO) processes are run manually without any input data and update all clients and groups which have a valid searchId in ComplyAdvantage with the newly created custom fields for AML lists. Each AML custom field is populated based on the existing search in ComplyAdvantage. Therefore, if the client or group is matched with one or more entities in ComplyAdvantage, the corresponding AML list type is set to true in Mambu. Otherwise, the default value for these AML list types is set to false.

Please Note:
The Script for populating boolean CF (CLIENTS) process excludes clients with the state Rejected or Exited. Both scripts exclude entities with an empty value for AML_searchId custom field.

Process for removing deprecated custom fields from clients and groups

Given that the old custom fields remain populated with the deprecated values, you can remove these custom fields from the administration panel only after deleting the current values of these fields. We created this script to remove these fields automatically.

Please Note:
In order for the Remove deprecated custom fields (CLIENTS & GROUPS) script to detect which custom fields should be removed, you need to edit the deprecated custom fields by adding the word deprecated in the custom field ID.

The Remove deprecated custom fields (CLIENTS & GROUPS) process removes all custom fields which include a deprecated prefix in the IDs. This update excludes clients and groups with an empty value for AML_searchId custom field.