Migration Script

You can use the migration scripts provided to upgrade your connector from older versions. Migration scripts are manually activated processes, which are run once, to upgrade from an older connector version to the newer version. In this way you avoid having to perform a new setup.

To avoid any potential loss of data, perform the migration outside of working hours when there are no actions being run in Mambu - such as client or loan account creation.

Migration script from v1.6.3 to v1.7.0

To run the migration process successfully, it is necessary to have both versions - v1.6.3 and v1.7.0 - of the connector uploaded to the same Mambu Process Orchestrator (MPO) tenant.

Installation and configuration

The migration process requires the folder ID of the previous connector version (v1.6.3) to retrieve data, and the folder ID of the new connector version (v1.7.0) to write the extracted data correctly. To obtain the ID of a folder in MPO, navigate to the list of your MPO connectors, select the one you need, then click the Information icon. The ID appears in a new sidebar on the right-hand side of the MPO workspace.

How to retrieve migration folder IDs in MPO

As the migration script uses some MPO API calls, it requires valid authentication credentials; apiKey, mpoUrl, and secret. Installation also requires groupStateValuePath and the optional parameter valueForStopMonitoringGroup.

Please Note

To successfully run the migration script, both the initial and the current version of the connector need to use the same API Key. You will need to create a temporary API key and use this with both the previous and the new connector folders.

MPO setup

Initial configuration

In the MPO environment: go to the Migration process folder within the v1.7.0 connector folder, open Start migration [main process], switch to View mode, and click New task. Fill in all the required parameters and click Add task. Wait until the task is processed.

Adding a new task to upgrade the connector

Alternatively, you can use the following JSON. Modify it and paste into the Code editor tab.

    "apiKey": "",
    "groupStateValuePath": "",
    "initial_folder_id": "",
    "mpoUrl": "",
    "new_folder_id": "",
    "secret": "",
    "valueForStopMonitoringGroup": ""
apiKeyThis is the temporary API key ID mentioned in the previous note.
groupStateValuePathRepresents the customSet.customFieldId created in Mambu environment
initial_folder_idThe identification number for the folder ID of the previous connector version (v1.6.3).
mpoUrlMPO environment URL, for example, https://TENANT_NAME.mpo.mambu.com/.
new_folder_idThe identification number for the folder ID of the current connector version (v1.7.0).
secretThe connector’s secret key for the API key that is currently used.
valueForStopMonitoringGroupRepresents the value that marks and allows you to disable monitoring for a group.

Mandatory post run steps

After running the migration script you need to run the Health Check process to verify that the data was copied and update webhook URLs in Mambu. You can read more about this process in the next article, Health Check.