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ComplyAdvantage’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) transaction monitoring solution manages high-risk transactions as they occur, or retrospectively via batch upload, by using a comprehensive configurable ruleset based on suspicious activity patterns. This connector monitors the Outbound payments which pass through ClearBank’s connector or/and Wise’s. The connector provides following features:

  • The connector handles outgoing payments details [flows: Prefund Transfer via Wise & Transfer in GBP via ClearBank] going through the ClearBank/Wise connector’s are captured and sent to the ComplyAdvantage for monitoring. The connector also allows customer to pick and choose the parameters to be sent for monitoring.
  • The connector provides an extension point to fetch additional data from an external source, allowing you to monitor payments with enriched data which is not available in Mambu.
  • Based on the result of analysis received, the connector decides if the transaction can be be processed or should be suspended or blocked.
  • The connector also supports suspense accounting for all the suspended and blocked payments.

Mambu Process Orchestrator (MPO) receives the result of the AML status of a transaction, including the underlying impact of this transaction monitoring from an accounting point of view.

Connector ecosystem

Composable architecture