General Prerequisites

  • Mambu Process Orchestrator (MPO) subscription.
  • Mambu environment with a user for MPO process execution.
  • ComplyAdvantage environment and user account.

Setup Prerequisites


If external data is required to be mapped configure the MPO process AML External Data.


  1. Configure rules and actions for Hard Stop and Soft Stop (or any other label defined).
  2. Configure the source format (payment details and fields).
  3. Set up the alerts webhook and link it to the MPO process 4. Alerts Analyser Router [to be linked to CA].


  1. Grant necessary permissions or configure a role for the Mambu user.
  2. Create four Chart of Accounts as _Assets_ with the option Allow Manual Journal Entries enabled for each General Ledger (GL): Transit, Scheme, Suspense and Withhold.

Chart of Accounts

  1. Define Accounting at the Deposit Product level and link the corresponding Chart of Account to a Transaction Channel. For Outbound payments the Transaction Channel accounting should be linked to Transit GL.
  2. The Client should be in an valid state to open accounts (deposit).
  3. Deposit Account should be in an valid state to post Withdrawal transactions.
  4. The Deposit Account should have sufficient funds for Withdrawal transactions.


  • The GL code can have any format.
  • If there is a Transaction Channel for manual reconciliation when a transaction exists in a third-party System, but not in Mambu, the Transaction Channel accounting should be linked to Scheme.