Currencycloud Setup

API key

An API key is required for authenticating calls to Currencycloud’s APIs. Follow the steps below to create an API key for this integration.

  1. Access your Currencycloud organization.
  2. Click on your user to access the Profile account information section.
  3. Generate an API Key . API Key
  4. Copy the API Key and store it somewhere. You will need this later on when setting up Currencycloud. Copy API Key

Currencycloud webhooks

Three webhooks are needed for this integration: one for status updates for conversions, one for status updates for payments and one for receiving incoming payments. While the FX Transfer flow uses both the conversion and payments webhooks, the House Transfer flow only uses the conversions webhook and the Local Payments flow only uses the payments webhook.

For more details related to the information sent in Currencycloud webhooks, read the push notifications documentation in the Currencycloud Developer Center.

Follow the steps below to create your webhooks:

  1. Access the following MPO processes to extract the webhook endpoints:

    WebhookProcess name
    Conversions2. [COMMON] CurrencyCloud WEBHOOK receiver for CONVERSIONS [Linked to CCy webhook]
    Payments3. [COMMON] CurrencyCloud WEBHOOK receiver for PAYMENTS [Linked to CCy webhook]
    Incoming Payments6. [COMMON] Incoming payments webhook receiver [Linked to CCy webhook]
  2. While in Edit mode, click Start and then select Copy webhook via JSON.

  3. Use these endpoints when creating your webhooks in Currencycloud. Webhook setup

Polling mechanism for payments and conversions

For cases when Currencycloud fails to send webhooks for conversions and payments, a backup mechanism is fired at a configurable interval to retrieve the status of payments and conversions and update the corresponding MPO state diagram.

You can set how often this job should run by accessing the following processes:

  • For payments
    • The 1. [COMMON] Payments SD process from the [COMMON] processes > [COMMON] State diagrams sub-folder.
  • For conversions - only for the FX payments connectors
    • The 4. [COMMON] Conversions SD process from the [COMMON] processes > [COMMON] State diagrams sub-folder. SDbackup

Rate limiting

The API has a per-minute rate limit and different resources have different limits. Visit the Currencycloud developer center for more information.