Integrating Mambu Connectors

Connectors are generally pre-built Mambu Process Orchestrator (MPO) processes which have been designed, prototyped, tested, and certified by Mambu experts. They are used to connect the Mambu Core Banking engine to selected partner companies who specialize in specific tasks necessary for building out a complete banking ecosystem.

Selecting and integrating connectors

Your Mambu delivery or customer success contacts will help you select the right connectors for your use case and geographic focus. When you select a connector, Mambu integration engineers provide you with the files to install your connector. These are made available as JSON documents, which can be imported straight into MPO. When new releases are made, you can continue to use older versions and upgrade at your convenience, depending on how necessary new features are to your business needs. Release notes for new versions will be published to Mambu community. The first time you visit Mambu Community you will need to create an account.

Connectors typically require some setup and configuration. In many cases, you may need to set up webhooks to trigger the MPO processes on selected events, or add notifications to keep everyone in the loop about the actions taken by the connector.

Examples: Set-up process

Setting up a connector may include creating assets in both the partner company and Mambu. For example, if you are adding Know Your Client or Anti-Money Laundering checks, you may need to create custom fields in the Mambu UI to store the results that are provided by your loan or account origination connectors. If you are adding international transfer connectors, you may need to configure your fees for currency conversion.

How connectors work

Connectors work by reading and writing to Mambu via API. You will therefore need to create an API consumer and key for the connector, or a user account with API access. The permissions granted will depend on the type of connector being used. We recommend that you only grant the permissions that are necessary for the connector to work, and that you rotate keys or passwords regularly. Details on what type of user and which permissions will be needed can be found in the prerequisites section of each connector’s documentation.

Monitoring and feedback

MPO features a graphical user interface where you can monitor the status of connectors. This gives you a real-time overview of running processes and tasks, where each task represents a discrete run of a process. At a glance, you can see how many times the process has been triggered and completed over a given time frame and compare this to your expected throughput.

All connectors can also make use of a standalone reporting module, which will trigger the creation of tasks in Mambu or tickets in an external tracking tool like ZenDesk.