Marqeta - Card Payments

Marqeta is the world’s first modern card issuing platform, whose mission is to be the global standard for modern card issuing, empowering builders to bring the most innovative products to the world. Unlike legacy solutions, Marqeta built its platform from the ground up to give developers simplicity, trust, and scale. Today, Marqeta powers some of the world’s most innovative payment solutions, including Klarna, Uber, and Square.

The Mambu-Marqeta Connector is used to process payment card authorization requests, accept payment card clearing transactions, and reversal instructions sent by Marqeta. The integration supports funding card transactions via Marqeta’s Just-in-Time (JIT) Funding™ solution. In this solution, a card is maintained with zero balance at all times. Card authorization is managed by the user via the Marqeta JIT Funding gateway. When a transaction is initiated, funds are moved from a funding account to the card account and the transaction is then settled, following a successful authorization via the JIT gateway. This set up supports use cases with multiple combinations of authorization and settlement business flows.

You can find more details about Marqeta in the Mambu Marketplace or their website.