About the Connector

The connector covers the following use cases

  • Marqeta Gateway Just-in-Time (JIT) Funding decisions → Mambu card transactions processing
    • Create authorization hold (credit and debit)
    • Clear authorization holds (credit and debit)
    • Post financial transactions without pre-authorization
    • Post PIN-debit financial transactions
    • Financial transaction refunds and reversals
    • Chargeback transactions and reversals
    • Increase authorization hold (debit)
    • Decrease authorization hold
    • Reverse authorization hold
    • Balance inquiry
  • Commando mode
    • Debit and credit authorization holds
    • Authorization incremental
    • Debit and credit financial transactions
  • Response time monitoring for JIT actionable events
    • Capture MPO and Mambu core APIs response times
    • Store metrics for analysis
  • Notifications for failed clearing transactions
  • Support for card transaction custom information

Who is this connector for?

This connector is for Mambu customers who want to offer debit cards to their customers. Using the Marqeta connector greatly speeds up the process by eliminating the need to build out your own highly performant and elastically scalable gateways or deal with complex messaging standards such as ISO 8583. The close integration between Marqeta and Mambu systems that the connector provides also allows for swift API interaction so that your customers are not left standing at the till waiting for their purchases to be authorized.

Marqeta is live across North America, Australia, and Europe and integrated with the Visa, Mastercard, and Discover networks allowing you or your customers to make the best choice of card product.

Marqeta connector in the Mambu composable architecture