Business Flows

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based, all-in-one business management solution which enables customers to upgrade from their entry-level accounting software to one single, comprehensive solution to manage finances and operations. It helps organisations streamline their processes, improve customer relations, and enable growth.

Dimension values flows

Dimensions enhance the way analysis is performed on accounting documents. Dimensions are used to categorize accounting entries (for example, branch, client, or product). A dimension can contain multiple unique dimension values.

The connector requires four dimensions, which correspond to the Mambu entity types to be manually added in Business Central:

  1. A dimension related to Mambu branches.
  2. A dimension related to Mambu loan or deposit products.
  3. A dimension related to Mambu clients or groups.
  4. A dimension related to Mambu loan or deposit accounts.

A new dimension value must be created in Business Central for each branch, loan product, deposit product, client, group, loan account, and deposit account in Mambu.

As part of the initial sync between Mambu and Microsoft Dynamics, any existing branches, and loan and deposit products are automatically posted to Business Central as dimension values.

Each time a new client, group, loan account, or deposit account is created, a matching dimension value - containing the details of that specific entity - will be created in Business Central.

Depending on the entity type, there are two approaches when the dimension value is posted:

  • At the end of day, using the end-of-day processing Mambu Webhook notification - for branches, loan products, and deposit products.
  • In real-time, using the On Created event for Mambu webhook notifications - for clients, groups, loan accounts, and deposit accounts.

 Dimension values

Journal lines flow

Mambu automatically performs automatic end of day actions to ensure that information is up to date and in accordance with all transactions posted during the day.

An end-of-day webhook notification set up in Mambu will trigger the Business Central connector, which is responsible for:

  1. Creating a corresponding dimension value in Business Central for the new Mambu entity items - such as branches, loan and deposit products - created since the previous run.
  2. Processing and posting all the journal lines that have been logged in Mambu during the previous day to Business Central.

Posting JE

Journal line terms mapping

The table describes the mapping of terms between the Mambu journal line and the Business Central journal line:

Mambu Journal LineBusiness Central Journal Line
GL account codeAccount number
Booking datePosting Date
Transaction IDExternal Document Number
Transaction TypeDescription

Types of journal entries handled by the integration


Mambu will automatically log corresponding journal entries for each transaction posted in a customer account.

The Mambu transactions that automatically generate journal entries can be found in the Automatic Journal Entries page.

In Business Central, the journal lines associated with this type of Journal Entry can have the following dimension values attached: branch, client, product, and account.


A manual journal entry can be associated with a branch, therefore the journal line posted in Business Central can have the dimension value for branch.

Daily and monthly accruals

These types of journal entries are logged during end-of-day processing. In Business Central, the journal lines associated with this type of journal entry always include the product as a dimension value and, if applicable, a branch.