nCino Deposit Lifecycle Management

nCino is a cloud-based Bank Operating System providing an end-to-end customer relationship management (CRM) platform that handles customer onboarding, account opening, deposit origination, credit analysis, enterprise content management, and instant reporting capabilities.

nCino provides global technology vendors with the ability to integrate their software applications and technology services into the nCino Bank Operating System.

You can find more details about nCino on the Mambu marketplace as well as on their website.

About the connector

For Mambu customers looking for a more comprehensive customer relationship management platform for their deposit business, the publicly traded nCino and their Salesforce-based Bank Operating System is a clear choice.

The scope of the nCino-Mambu connector covers the deposit lifecycle, where origination and client onboarding is managed in nCino while the core banking aspects, such as management of products, accounts, and repayment scheduling is managed in Mambu.

Some broad use cases covered in the connector include:

  • Reserving a deposit account in nCino creates a new deposit account for a client or group in Mambu.
  • Booking a deposit account in nCino approves a deposit account for a client or group in Mambu.
Architecture diagram for the nCino Deposit Lifecycle Management connector