Business Flows

  • Reserve deposit account
  • Creating a new business or individual relationship in nCino creates a matching record in Mambu, keeping your core banking solution in sync with your customer relationship management software.

  • Book deposit account
  • Booking a deposit account in nCino is the equivalent of approving a deposit in Mambu. This action indicates that all necessary checks and approvals have been made and puts the deposit account in a state where it is ready to make deposit to the client.

  • Updates from Mambu to nCino
  • These flows cover post-approval actions taken against a deposit account. This includes things like deposit, transfer, and withdrawal transactions, as well as locking or closing of accounts. These actions are typically taken in Mambu and synced to nCino so that client-facing teams have the latest information about the relationship at hand.

Error handling and notifications

Each business flow handles its own errors by creating a log entry in nCino with the status FAILED and details to support troubleshooting the issue. See the ‘If the action fails’ section of each business flow for details on the specific errors and the log entries created.