Connector Architecture

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The architecture of the nCino Deposit Lifecycle Management connector works as follows:

  • A deposit is created through the Reserve action in nCino, which either creates a new client or group - referred to as a relationship in nCino - in Mambu and associates the depositAccountId.
  • When the Book action is executed from nCino, any new information on the deposit account is synced to Mambu and the account moved to the approved state, meaning the deposit is ready to be used by the client.

Communication between nCino and the connector is secured using OAuth tokens and we provide a simple applet for requesting tokens which can be hosted in AWS S3 or any web hosting service.

More details on Reserve, Book, and other possible actions can be found in the business flows section.

General prerequisites

  • nCino account
  • Mambu environment
  • MPO account and subscription for this connector