Mambu Setup

User permissions

To configure user permissions go to the Administration tab in the Mambu UI. Open the Access menu and then the Users section.

User permissions


The Mambu user should have both Mambu and API access rights. To grant API access you will need to save the user then open it for editing to add API access.

The table below contains the minimum required user permissions for the connector.

ClientsView Client Details
Create Clients
Edit Clients
Approve Clients
Manage Client Association
GroupsView Group Details
Create Groups
Edit Groups
Manage Group Association
ProductsView Deposit Product Details
Deposit AccountsView Deposit Account Details
Create Deposit Accounts
Edit Deposit Accounts
Delete Deposit Accounts
Approve Deposit Account

Products configuration

Tp configure products in Mambu do the following:

  1. Access the Mambu UI and start creating the deposit products with your desired settings. Keep in mind that the same product needs to be configured in nCino as well.

Supported settings for deposit products can be found in the table below:

Product settingValue
Product typeCurrent Account
Fixed Account
Saving Account
Interest Rate TermsNo Interest
Fixed Interest
Tiered per Balance
Tiered per Period
What Account Balance is Used for Calculations?Minimum daily balance
Average daily balance
End of day balance
When is the Interest Paid Into the Account?First day of every month
Every day
Every week
Every other week
Every month
Every three months
Every six months
Every year
On Fixed Dates
  1. Take note of the encodedKey of the products you create as they will be used in both Mambu Process Orchestrator (MPO) and nCino products configuration. You can copy the encodedKey from either the browser address bar if you are using the UI, or by using the get products API once you have created your products. deposit encoded key from UI address bar