MPO Setup

Installation and configuration

  1. Access your MPO environment.

  2. Click on Create, select From file and add the .json file provided by your integration engineer. This will create a new folder for the nCino - Mambu Integration. Open this folder. Upload file

  3. Access the Main - linked to nCino process and click the Start node.

  4. Generate an API Key for this process and share the integration folder with the API Key. Take a note of the process ID, API key and Secret key, as these will be needed later when setting up nCino. Auth to MPO Share ApiKey

  5. In the folder that was added to your MPO environment, go to the Setup folder and open the Setup process, switch to View mode, and press New task. Fill in all the required parameters and press Add task. Wait until the task is processed.

Alternatively, you can use the following JSON. Modify it and paste into the Code editor tab.

    "nCinoCallbackUrl": "nCino callback URL",
    "nCinoCode": "nCino code used to create token and refresh token.",
    "nCinoConsumerKey": "nCino consumer key" ,
    "nCinoConsumerSecret": "nCino consumer secret ",
    "nCinoInstanceUrl": "nCino Salesforce instance url",
    "nCinoMessage": "nCino config done",
    "nCinoSessionTimeout": nCino value from Session Settings page in Salesforce in minutes, /*this has to be a number*/
    "oauthUrl": "oauth Url", /*this can be different for each environment used (sandbox or production)*/
    "mambuMessage": "Mambu Setup Done",
    "mambuPassword": "Mambu password",
    "mambuUrl": "Mambu url",
    "mambuUser": "Mambu user with API rights and permissions for Clients, Groups, Deposit Accounts, and Products",
    "retryInterval": "retry interval for Api calls",
    "retryLimit": "retry limit for Api calls",
    "productList": "Product list object formed from objects containing each product key and productDetails"
            "[encoded key 1]": {
                "productDetails": "[add the product name or some details for this product]"
            "[encoded key 2]": {
                "productDetails": "[add the product name or some details for this product]"
            "[encoded key 3]": {
                "productDetails": "[add the product name or some details for this product]"

Setup process

Products configuration

Products will be stored in the productList object in the Mambu config state diagram which you can find in the Setup > Mambu setup folder.


  1. Based on the Parameters configured for each product, the deposit accounts will be created with a set of specific data.
  2. The product list from the setup process is needed for the health check process which confirms that the products are defined in both Mambu and nCino.