Notification Module


The Notification System module receives all errors from Mambu Process Orchestrator (MPO) that were not reported back to nCino.

If no external Notification System is configured, all the errors will be saved in the Error Handling state diagram from MPO.

The Notification System module is an optional part of the connector which can be developed by the client, as a separate MPO process, for the notification system that they already use.

Information collected from a failed process

The information collected from the failed process may include the following information:

    "action": "BOOK",
    "depositAccountId": "UCAR786",
    "errorCode": "428   rpc_reply_exception rpc_reply_exception ",
    "errorCodeCallback": "rpc_task_wrong_convert_param ",
    "errorMessage": "Mambu API call error  INVALID_DEPOSIT_ACCOUNT_ID/   Change deposit account state failed! ",
    "errorMessageCallback": "Param: recordId, Value: a1G2E00000Jv96eUAB, Try convert to: number ",
    "errorProcess": "59572",
    "errorProcessCallback": "59577",
    "errorSource": "MPO - Main process",
    "errorSourceCallback": " - Main process",
    "relationshipId": "0012E00002dj48ZQAQ"

The custom Send Notification MPO process is linked to the Error Handling MPO process through its MPO process ID, which should be provided as the notificationProcessId parameter to the connector’s Setup process.

The connectivity details of the external notification system should also be provided during Setup using the notificationConfig object parameter. These details will be passed on to the custom Send Notification process.


"notificationConfig": {
        "notificationUrl": "",
        "notificationUserName": "userName",
        "notificationUserPass": "userPass"