General prerequisites

  • MPO subscription
  • AWS account (for authentication purposes).
  • nCino and Mambu environments

Setup prerequisites

nCino oAuth

  1. You will receive the .html files login.html and callback.html from your integration engineer.
  2. Host these HTML pages on any hosting system and make them publicly accessible. In case you opt for AWS, follow the steps below.
    2.1. Access S3 service.
    2.2. Create a new bucket. Create bucket 2.3. Upload login and callback pages. Upload files Bucket view 2.4. Click on login.html file in S3, make it public and save the Object URL. Login 2.5. Click on callback.html file in S3, make it public and save the Object URL. Callback


  • The callback URL field is limited to 2000 characters.
  • The fact that the login.html and callback.html are public does not represent a security concern. In order to obtain the code used in the MPO setup process a login is involved. A user has to fill in the organization URL, consumer key and callback URL - which is private information taken from the nCino account.
  • You can provide a custom domain for your s3 bucket. This is recommended for production usage of this connector. Consult the Amazon AWS documentation for information on how to achieve this while requiring SSL for your domain.