Book loan account

Booking a loan account in nCino is the equivalent of approving a loan in Mambu. This action indicates that all necessary checks and approvals have been made and puts the loan account in a state where it is ready to be disbursed to the client. For a tranche loan account, the first tranche needs to be created using Update tranche from nCino to Mambu before the Book action.

When the Book action (automated booking) is triggered, the loan account status is:

  • Approved in Mambu
  • Booked in nCino

The Automate Booking Summary page in the nCino UI

Please Note:

The Mambu loan account along with the custom fields created in Mambu and defined at setup process, are updated before the Book action.

Update loan account

An account should be in the PENDING_APPROVAL or PARTIAL_APPLICATION state before it can be updated.

If the Book loan account action fails

When triggering the Book flow from nCino, a transaction log is also created. This log holds the transaction status of the flow, along with other details. If there is an error during the booking process, the transaction log updates with details about errors sent from Mambu Process Orchestrator. Vendor Status and Transaction Status are also set to FAILED.

An example of a transaction log after an error in the Book flow.

Book flow transaction log details