Data dictionary and application terms

This page contains a dictionary of terms as used in Mambu and nCino for the same things and should be consulted when

Entity Mapping

nCino entityMambu entity
Relationship - businessGroup
Relationship - individualClient
Loan offerLoan account

Action Mapping

nCino actionMambu action
ReserveCreate loan account
BookApprove loan account

Fields Mapping

EntitynCino fieldMambu field
BusinessAccount NameGroup Name
Relationship idGroup id
IndividualAccount NameClient Name
Relationship idClient id
ContactFirst NameClient First Name
Last NameClient Last Name
MobileMobile Phone
Loan accountOriginal AmountLoan amount
Interest RateInterest Rate
Current Interest RateInterest Rate
Spread (%)Interest Spread
Interest Only MonthsPrincipal Grace Installments (*computed based on: First Payment Date + Interest Only Months + Payment Schedule)
Loan Term (Months)Number of Installments (*computed based on: First Payment Date + Loan Term (Months) + Payment Schedule)
Wire DateDisbursement Date
Projected Closed dateAnticipated Disbursement Date
First Payment DateFirst repayment due date
Payment ScheduleRepayment periodicity
Payment Amount per Instalment (Balloon)Periodic payment (balloon)
Monthly PaymentNext Pending/Partially Paid Installment Total Due
Next Payment DueDate of the Next Pending/Partially Paid Installment
Next Payment Principal AmountNext Repayment Principal Amount
Next Payment Interest AmountNext Repayment Interest Amount
Core Last UpdateLast Mambu Update
Principal BalancePrincipal Balance
Amount OutstandingAccount Total Balance
Last Pay DateDate of the Last Repayment
Maturity DateDate of the Last Installment
Payoff DateLoan Payoff Date (closed)
Arrears DateDate the Account Went to Arrears State
Total Arrears Amount DueTotal Overdue Amount

Installments computation

The number of installments (grace or regular) are computed inside MPO, in the Number of installments (grace and regular) computation process, based on the following parameters sent from nCino:

  • nCino required input parameters used for the REGULAR installments calculation:
nCino UI fieldnCino path
First Payment Dateproperties.bookingRecords[0].properties.LLC_BI__First_Payment_Date__c.value
Loan Term (Months)properties.bookingRecords[0].properties.LLC_BI__Term_Months__c.value
Payment Scheduleproperties.bookingRecords[0].properties.LLC_BI__Payment_Schedule__c.value

Extracted parameters: number of installments, repayment period count, repayment period unit

  • nCino required input params used for the GRACE installments calculation:
nCino UI fieldnCino path
First Payment Dateproperties.bookingRecords[0].properties.LLC_BI__First_Payment_Date__c.value
Interest Only Monthsproperties.bookingRecords[0].properties.LLC_BI__Interest_Only_Months__c.value
Payment Scheduleproperties.bookingRecords[0].properties.LLC_BI__Payment_Schedule__c.value

Extracted parameters: grace period installments

Going through all listed steps and processes, a number of parameters are obtained for the loan account to be posted in Mambu.
Check the next section for the list of necessary nCino parameters used by the MPO process for loan account creation.