Mambu Setup

The steps on this page help you set up your Mambu environment to use the Mambu-nCino Loan connector.

Set user permissions

To configure user permissions in the Mambu UI go to the Administration tab, then Access, then open the Users section and click Actions > Edit for the user you want to edit. The Mambu user should have Mambu and API access rights.

The minimum required user permissions to use the connector are:

Clients- View Client Details
- Create Clients
- Edit Clients
- Approve Clients
- Manage Client Association
Groups- View Group Details
- Create Groups
- Edit Groups
- Approve Group
- Manage Group Association
ProductsView Loan Product Details
Loan Accounts- View Loan Account Details
- Create Loan Accounts
- Edit Loan Accounts
- Delete Loan Accounts
- Approve Account
- Request Loan Approval
- Disburse Loans
- Edit Loan Tranches
- Set Disbursement Conditions
- Manage Loan Association

Products and fees configuration

  1. Open your Mambu tenant and start creating the loan products with your desired settings and fees. Keep in mind that the same fees need to be configured in nCino as well. The fees must be set as optional in Mambu. This means that the fee is applied on the loan account only if provided by nCino. Supported settings for loan products can be found in the table below.
Product settingValue
Product type- Fixed Loan
- Dynamic Loan
- Revolving Credit
- Tranched Loan
Interest Calculation Method- Flat
- Declining Balance Equal Installments
- Declining Balance
Interest Rate Source-Fixed Interest Rate
- Index Interest Rate
Payments Method- Standard Payments
- Optimized Payments
- Balloon Payments
Grace Period- Principal Grace Period - enabled by default for all the products except for the Balloon Payments
Repayment Amount - Principal Payment- Flat Amount
- % of Outstanding Principal (only for Revolving Credit)
Repayment Amount - Total Due Payment% of Total Balance (only for Revolving Credit)
Product FeesFor Fixed and Dynamic term loans: Disbursement fees (deducted, capitalized, upfront)
  1. Start creating the fees taking into consideration the Fee Name in Mambu must contain the fee id from nCino in the format {nCino Fee Id} {Mambu Fee name}, for example 020 Loan Origination or 013 Upfront Disbursement. This step can be done in parallel with the configuration of fees in nCino or you can come back to it later to update the fee name with the ID generated in nCino. The fee types supported by this integration are:

    • Upfront disbursement
    • Capitalized disbursement
    • Deducted disbursement

Please Note

Percentage amount fees are always configured in Mambu with a default amount. Flat fees are always configured in Mambu without a default amount. These are the default settings in Mambu.

  1. Take note of the Mambu product’s encodedKeys as they are used in both Mambu Process Orchestrator (MPO) and nCino products configuration. You can take the encodedKey from either the browser address bar if using the UI, or by using the get loan products API endpoint once you have created your products.

The loan product’s encoded key in the address bar

Please Note

Fees are not supported for revolving credit and tranched loans. These loan types only allow First Repayment Date as part of the Disbursement Details wrapper. Disbursement fees can only be added to these loan types when disbursing them.

Branches configuration

Branches are configured manually both in nCino and Mambu. They are linked through the lookupkey which takes the value of the branch encodedKey from Mambu. This is the only field used in the MPO logic, so the other fields can be configured as you desire. Other branch details such as state, city, address, etc, are not used in the MPO logic, but should be the same across platforms for consistency.

To do the mapping for branches, create the branch in Mambu and take note of its encodedKey either by taking this from the browser address bar if using the UI or by using the get branches API endpoint.

The branch’s encoded key in address bar in the address bar

Follow the steps for configuring branches in nCino in the next page.