Integration Setup

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When setting up the Mambu Oracle NetSuite connector there are a number of steps to be taken to ensure data is seamlessly transferred between both systems.

  • Oracle NetSuite Environment
    You will need to create an access token and associated role for the connector to communicate with Oracle NetSuite, and deploy the RESTlet script you or your Oracle system integrator created. Additionally you will need to have set up your chart of accounts so that their IDs can be added to the equivalent Mambu General Ledger accounts.
  • AWS Environment
    Communication between Mambu and oracle NetSuite is secured using OAuth 1.0, an AWS API Gateway and Lambda functions are used to route and cryptographically sign requests.
  • MPO Environment
    You will receive the connector as a JSON file which will need to be imported into the Mambu Process Orchestrator. This will create all components, once imported, you will need to provide some configuration information including domains for your Mambu instance & AWS API Gateway and notification channels.
  • Mambu Environment
    In Mambu, you will need to add your Oracle NetSuite internal IDs to the corresponding Mambu General Ledger accounts and set up an automated webhook to trigger the connector.