AWS Environment

Create the AWS Lambda

  1. Access the AWS environment.
  2. Type lambda in the Search box and click on Lambda.


  1. Click on Create function.

Create function

  1. Enter the details for the new function as per the screenshot below:   Create function details
  • Select Author from scratch.
  • Enter Function name.
  • Set Runtime as Node.js 12.x.
  • Click on Change default execution role.
  • Set Execution role as Use an existing role.
  • Set Existing role as lambda_basic_execution.
  • Click on Create Function.
  1. Upload the .zip file netsuiteFunction by navigating to Actions - Upload a .zip file.

Create function details

  1. Configure the environment variables for lambda obtained from the RESTlet’s deployment script URL:

Create function details

Variable nameDetails
HOST_NAMENetSuite Host Name
SCRIPT_IDNetSuite Script ID
SCRIPT_DEPLOYMENT_IDNetSuite Script Deployment ID
  1. Enter the Client Credentials and Token Credentials you noted down during Oracle NetSuite setup.
Variable nameDetails
CONSUMER_KEYNetSuite Consumer Key
CONSUMER_SECRETNetSuite Consumer Secret
Variable nameDetails
TOKEN_KEYNetSuite Token Key
TOKEN_SECRETNetSuite Token Secret
  1. Click on Deploy.

Create API Gateway

  1. Access the AWS environment, type api in the Search box and click on API Gateway.

API Gateway

  1. Click on Create API.

Create API

  1. Select REST API from the options.


  1. Enter the details for the new API as below:
  • Select New API from the options;
  • Enter API name;
  • Enter Description;
  • Set Endpoint Type as Regional;
  • Click on Create API.   API Details
  1. Click on Actions - Create Resource.   Create Resource

  2. Click on Create Resource and enter the details for the resource: Resource Name and Resource Path.   Resource Details

  3. Click on Actions - Create Method.   Create Method

  4. Set the method type to POST.   Method POST

  5. Set the Integration type as Lambda Function, select the newly created lambda function, check the Use Default Timeout checkbox and click on Save.   Select Lambda function

  6. Click OK on the confirmation permission.   Confirmation

  7. Click on Actions - Deploy API.   Deploy API

  8. Define the Deployment stage as below and click on Deploy.   Define stage

  9. Configure the settings as desired and click on Save Changes.   Configure stage

  10. Select Inherit from stage and click on Save Changes. Copy the Invoke URL available under Stages / TEST / /gateway / POST section, this will be needed in the next step when you set up the MPO processes.   Invoke URL