Data Dictionary for RESTlet

The connector we just created covers the following sections of the whole integration: data extraction, data processing and data dispatch to NetSuite via an API request to the RESTlet.

The final step of the integration would be the development of the NetSuite RESTlet itself that will allow the posting of Journal lines into NetSuite.

During this step, a mapping between the source and target fields should be made, based on the information that the connector sends via an API request (source data) to the NetSuite RESTlet (target data).

The format of the source data is presented below:

Request Body

typeYesStringType of the request body.The value is always: journalEntry
subsidiaryYesStringNetSuite subsidiary’s internal ID.
bookingDateYesStringThe date and time when an entry is posted to an account on the account servicer’s accounting books.
To be mapped to the Creation Date in NetSuite.
The format is: yyyymmdd.
currencyYesStringThe tenant’s base currency.The current version of the connector supports single currency only.
journalLinesYesArrayA batch of balanced journal lines (total Debit amounts are equal to total Credit amounts), grouped by booking date.See table below.

Array of journalLines

entryIdYesStringMambu ID of the Journal Line.
glCodeYesStringMambu GL Account, mapped to the Account Number in NetSuite.
typeYesStringType of the journal line.The value is: DEBIT or CREDIT.
amountYesStringAmount of the journal line.
descriptionYesStringDescription of the journal line.Must start with _Netsuite_nnn, where nnn represents the NetSuite internal Id for the Account Number.
transactionIdNoStringID of the transaction (e.g. repayment, disbursement) that generated a journal entry.Example of a custom field, sent as additional information for a journal line.

Example request

Below is an example of a payload that will be sent via an API request to the NetSuite RESTlet:

  "type": "journalEntry",
  "subsidiary": "1",
  "bookingDate": "20210131",
  "currency": "USD",
  "journalLines": [
      "entryId": "16073",
      "glCode": "40600",
      "type": "DEBIT",
      "amount": "13.45",
      "description": "Netsuite_6790 lorem ipsum",
      "transactionId": "2830",
      "clientId": "272007760",
      "productId": "fee2",
      "entryId": "16074",
      "glCode": "10450",
      "type": "CREDIT",
      "amount": "13.45",
      "description": "Netsuite_6073",
      "transactionId": "2830",
      "clientId": "272007760",
      "productId": "fee2"