Mambu Environment

Update General Ledger Accounts with Oracle NetSuite Internal ID

In order to map NetSuite and Mambu General Ledger accounts:

  • Open the chart of accounts from the Accounting section of the Mambu UI

  • Click ‘Edit’ for each general ledger account

  • Update the description field to include the NetSuite Internal ID as the first entry in the format Netsuite_123

    map general ledger accounts between Mambu and NetSuite

Configure webhook

  1. Access your Mambu environment.
  2. Go to Administration and select the Webhooks menu.

Navigate to Webhook

  1. Create a new Webhook with the following settings:
  • Target: End of day processing
  • On Event: Accounts Updated
  • Web Hook URL: paste the webhook URL noted down during MPO setup.
  • Request Type: POST
  • Authorization: No Authorization
  • Content Type: application/json
  • Body of request: