Integrating MPO with Mambu Overview

Mambu Process Orchestrator (MPO) allows you to send and receive data from external services to create processes that extend Mambu’s functionality. This documentation focuses on the Mambu Banking Engine, but most of the actions described in this section apply to any other compatible external service.

The main use cases for integrating with MPO are:

  • Fetching data from other services.
  • Changing data on an external service.
  • Triggering an MPO task from an external service.

Fetching data from other services

You can fetch data from external services, such as the Mambu Banking Engine, to use with your own custom logic to evaluate the data. For example, you can pull client data from Mambu for a client who would like a loan and send it for evaluation to a loan originator.

Changing data on an external service

You can manipulate data stored on external services. For example, you can edit fields and custom fields, create users, and many more other actions on Mambu depending on conditions determined by an MPO process. An example of this would be marking a client as high risk in a custom field in Mambu; using MPO as the intermediary that receives an assessment of the client from an external service.

Triggering an MPO task from an external service

Triggering MPO tasks from an external service allows for processes that are dependent on events that are not within MPO. For example, from Mambu, you could automatically trigger an MPO task that offers clients certain benefits that suit their income level when they reach an income threshold. MPO is not limited to these functions, but they cover many use cases that are useful to financial institutions.