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Once you have signed up for Mambu Process Orchestrator and have received your login details, you can create a simple process to get familiar with its basic use. ​

  1. Go to the login page of your MPO instance at the URL you are given in the sign up email.
  2. Log in using the provided details.
  3. Click Create in the top-left corner and select Process.
Create button with options
  1. Enter a name for your new process, optionally add a description of the process and click OK to start editing the process.
New process screen with fields for process name and description
  1. Click API Call in the menu on the left-hand side. This should create an API Call node in your workspace.
  2. In the options on the right-hand side add a publicly available API to test the process. For example, http://universities.hipolabs.com/search?country=United+States returns a list of universities in the USA. Adding an API Call node to the process
  3. Drag the API Call node onto the green line between Start and Final.
  4. In the top left-hand corner click Deploy to save your process.
  5. To run the process click View in the top bar. Then click New Task followed by Add Task. A task is a running instance of a process. Click View to run the task
  6. The task will fetch the list of universities and once the the Final node displays a 1 you can click on it to see the returned payload. If the process returns an error, you can click the Error node to debug the task. A completed API Call with returned payload